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Betsy Barbieux ~ Image Inside and Out
Betsy Barbieux ~ Image Inside and Out Betsy Barbieux ~ Image Inside and Out
Professional Development
Rules of Dressing:
Never, Ever Do This

1. Wear loafers or tennis shoes with a business suit. Don't mix the themes of your dress, that is, casual with professional. There is no reason you can't find comfortable flat leather shoes to walk in and tuck your heels in your desk or purse. Boots in the winter and flats in the summer do the trick.

2. No floppy bow blouses. Don't tie a bow under your chin, no matter what.

3. White shoes. Unless you are in a nurse's uniform or an all white outfit.

4. Allow your underwear to show. Your bra strap should not peek out from under your clothes, nor should you wear a sheer blouse without a bra AND camisole. Do not allow pants to be so tight they divulge your panty line. Wear panty hose or bike length panties to prevent this from happening.

5. No tight clothes. With the exception of Lycra garments, never wear clothes that are too tight. You should allow for about 1 - 2" of ease everywhere, at the bust, waist, across the shoulder blades, and the stomach. Work towards an "elegantly loose" fit.

6. Pockets and pleats that pop open. Pockets and pleats should lay flat. Gaping is caused by a bad fit or when the lines of the garment are not the same as your body line. Don't wear it if it pulls or gapes.

7. Scuffed shoes. Own some neutral shoe cream and a rag. Shine your shoes a lot. The scuffed shoe says, "I don't pay attention to details." Scuffed shoes always ruin an outfit. Check the back of your shoes and the heels for wear and have them repaired when needed.

8. Too much makeup/No makeup. You know which you are. Makeup should always be blended and smoothed after application. It should be a natural extension of your face, not obvious. It should be the same color as your jaw line. No makeup should extend past the jaw line. If you have to blend it down onto your neck, you are using the WRONG color. The other extreme is the person who doesn't take the effort to wear any makeup. This is an unfinished, unsophisticated, and very unprofessional look.

9. Hemlines (skirt/dress) hanging below your coat. Think about your coat when you buy clothes and vice versa. Your coat should be as long or longer than your longest hemline, then you won't have a problem.

10. A sliver of skin between hem and boots. Your boots should be covered by the hemline of your skirt. Thank about this when you buy boots and skirts, then you won't have a problem.

11. Glasses that take over your whole face. Eye frames are face jewelry and can be overscaled if that is your clothing personality. But, do not wear frames that are great-big-all-over-your-face (usually plastic, light colored with squiggly temples). When everything else about you is not bold, huge glasses look silly. We should not see you as a pair of glasses when we look at you.

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