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Betsy Barbieux ~ Image Inside and Out
Betsy Barbieux ~ Image Inside and Out Betsy Barbieux ~ Image Inside and Out
Professional Development

Calling all Women ~ Executive Image Day ~ Personal Effectiveness Coaching ~ Business Consulting
Personal Consulting ~ Speech and Presentation Coaching ~ Ultimate Image Day
Shop & Learn ~ Closet Audit & Wardrobe Development ~ Fluff Your Stuff
Business Communications
Polished Professional ~ How To Wear A Hat ~ Rules of Dressing
Don't Buy Those J Lo Jeans!
Accessorizing ~ Am I Ready To Go To Work?
How To Have A Great Professional Presence
Ladies - Your Best Look ~ Guys - Your Best Look
One Man’s Journey With an Image Consultant

Calling all Women Who are Watching their Weight—

The WWW Weekend is Here!

Your facilitator, Betsy Barbieux, a Professional Development Coach, will arrange a 2-night get away in a retreat setting. You will learn how to plan, shop, cook, and count your calories, fat, and fiber grams. With 3-4 other women who need one-on-one mentoring and coaching just like you, you’ll enjoy cooking and eating five meals together. As a final treat, Betsy will show you how to eat out and make better choices.

BONUS—Time for Yourself! Other than cooking and eating, the weekend is yours to relax and do as you please. Read, shop, rest, walk on the beach—whatever you want to do!

For more information, download the brochure.

Executive Image Day

Executive Image Coaching is for the professional man or woman who wants to enhance his or her career by creating a polished image. Your personal consultation day includes:

  • Business communications evaluation, personalized 40-page detailed written report focusing on business skills. Includes information on your preferred work pace and environment, how to communicate effectively, strengths you bring to your organization, motivation keys, and a behavior action plan for improving your leadership skills.
  • Dressing for your specific industry while maintaining your own personal style
  • Creating the desired image for the office, meetings, conventions and business casual
  • Travel and packing guidelines
  • Identifying your “authority” suit and your “friendly” suit
  • Creating the polished look with makeup
  • Professional hair styles for men and women
  • Suggestions for professional eye glasses
  • Lapel designs and necklines
  • Accessorizing correctly with jewelry, scarves, ties and belts
  • Private shopping lesson

Personal Effectiveness Coaching

Have time constraints forced you to analyze your personal effectiveness? Need to be more effective in certain skills? You’ve asked for help in improving your personal effectiveness, so here it is. CORE assessments target four specific areas:

  • Decision making
  • Taking care of yourself and having fun
  • Building and maintaining relationships
  • Planning, organizing, and scheduling

    The fabulous feature of CORE is that it measures your progress in developing your target skills throughout the coaching process.

  • Coaching begins with an on-line assessment followed by a personal consultation (either in person or by telephone) to discuss the results and identify your target areas for improvement. Then depending on your goals, we’ll follow up with individual coaching sessions until you have reached your desired level of personal effectiveness.

Business Consulting

Are you ready to move to the next level in customer service, marketing, product and service development, sales, or image and street appeal? Keeping pace with the ever changing demographics and needs of those whom you serve can be a challenge to organizations with minimal professional staff. Small businesses, organizations, executive boards and management teams will benefit from the "outside eyes" Betsy is able to offer your organization. Betsy is skilled at evaluating your company's philosophy, operations, and staff to ensure you are able to meet the needs of your market. Moving to the next level most likely requires change and training. But change and training are a waste of money unless your organizational structure supports it. Let Betsy help make sure it will.

If needed, Betsy is able to offer training to help achieve your staff development goals. She has a network of other professionals who can advise and assist with your technology, financial, and accounting goals.

Communications Evaluations & Coaching ~ Business

Using a DISC assessment, you will receive a detailed evaluation focusing on your business skills. Included will be information on your preferred work pace and work environment, decision making style, how to communicate effectively with others, strengths you bring to your team, project management tendencies, motivation keys, and a behavior action plan for improving the weak areas of our personality or leadership style.

2 - hour consultation

Don't have time to come in for the consultation, go to http://www.personality-insights.com/shop?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=3000&AFFIL=IIOPI to complete your assessment and receive your full report.

When placing your order, be sure to use the reference code IIOPI in order to receive a 10% discount .

Communications Evaluations & Coaching ~ Personal

Using a DISC assessment, you will receive an evaluation focusing on your relational skills. Included will be information on your current wants in a relationship, relationship strengths, effective communication tips, barriers to communication, hindrances to your relationships, and a behavior action plan for improving your most important relationships.

2 - hour consultation

Don't have time to come in for the consultation, go to http://www.personality-insights.com/shop?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=3002&AFFIL=IIOPI   to complete your assessment and receive your report.

When placing your order, be sure to use the reference code IIOPI in order to
receive a 10% discount.

Speech and Presentation Coaching

For the politician, administrator, manager, supervisor, sales person, not-for-profit executive director, or club president who wants to become more comfortable with public speaking, develop a memorable presentation, and connect with more of the audience.

Ultimate Image Day

The Ultimate Image Day is the "extreme makeover" for men and women who want to look their best at home, at work, at play, and includes:

  • Identification of your "power" colors and your "friendly" colors
  • Fabric swatch wallet
  • Personalized makeup consultation or suggestions for beard, mustache, or sideburns
  • Suggestions for most flattering eye glasses, hair styles, and collars
  • Determination of most flattering clothing styles and accessories
  • When, where and why to wear solids, florals, or plaids
  • How to dress for every occasion
  • Private shopping lesson

For the price of one good outfit, you will receive information you can use for the rest of your life!

Shop & Learn

Save time, energy, and money with this lesson. Those who hate to shop love this 4-hour group shopping excursion. Betsy will teach you how to pick your color and style off the rack. No longer will you have to shop 'til you drop.

Shop & Learn Seasonal group shopping; call for schedule Individual shopping.

Closet Audit and Wardrobe Development

Eliminate closet chaos! Betsy will come to your closet and show you how to take control. Not only will she organize your clothes into outfits, but she will help you develop a wardrobe notebook so you can shop with a plan.

Fluff Your Stuff

Tired of the way your living room looks? Need an update for your bedroom or family room? Buying new furniture and accessories out of the question? Betsy can redecorate your house using existing furniture and accessories. She can "fluff your stuff" and make your rooms feel new and exciting. She can turn ordinary into extraordinary, ho hum to warm and friendly.

Using the theories of color, fabric texture and accessories she uses on people as an image consultant, she applies the same principles to the rooms in your home. Whether your goal is to make your house more saleable or just enjoyable, you will like the results.

She is available to "fluff your stuff" by the room or the houseful.

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